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The Dangers of Speed

If your minibus adventures take you into London, then you should know that 9km of roads in central London had their speed limit lowered to 20mph on March 2 2020. The changes, which are being... Read more

The Most Confusing Driving Laws

​ There are some driving laws that have many of us confused with the truth drifting between myth and folklore. If you ask someone if splashing a pedestrian whilst driving is an illegal offence,... Read more

How Safe is Our Road Signage?

​When on the roads we are governed by signage. Whether it is telling us directions, what lanes we should be in and which ones we shouldn’t be in or alerting us to hazards on the road. But how... Read more

How to Survive Storm Season in your Minibus

​We’ve recently been hit by Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis and before we’ve had time to recover Storm Ellen is on the way. It is truly storm season with people’s journeys being... Read more

Safety Comes First

When traveling, the safety of yourself and passengers should always be the number one priority especially when it comes to children. However, research by the RAC has found that more than a fifth of... Read more


Coronavirus Updates

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