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9-17 Seater Minibus Lease

When it comes to choosing a minibus for your school, college or institution, the experts at Marshall Minibus are on hand to help you navigate the array of vehicles and options.

In terms of size, minibuses range anywhere from 8 and 9 seaters all the way through to 15, 16 and 17 seat configurations. They can have additional equipment fitted to help with accessibility and, depending on your budget, you can even go as far as branding the interior to fit with your school’s colours or wrapping the vehicle to whatever colour and design you like.

To get you started on your journey, we’ve set out what we consider to be the 3 main considerations when deciding on the best minibus to suit your needs.

Minibus Size 

OK, so size isn’t everything but the space you have available can have an impact on the kind of minibus you can keep.

Access – Consider how the minibus will enter and exit your facility. Are there any width or height restrictions such as gates, arches, garage space etc.?

Turning space – is there sufficient space to turn the vehicle around, minimising reversing?

Parking – Do you have space to park the vehicle securely when not in use?

Vehicle Usage

This is often something which is not given enough thought. But having a vehicle which is fit for purpose should be a large part of the consideration process.

Number of passengers – What will your minibus be used for? Will you be ferrying your team to and from sports fixtures, carrying out the daily school collection runs or going further afield for camps, outward bounds etc.?

Type of journeys – Is the minibus intended for short, local journeys, day trips or will you be heading away on camping expeditions and longer field trips?

Luggage space – Aside from passengers, what space might you need for sports equipment, field trips or luggage for outward bounds?

Accessibility – Are there any accessibility requirements, will you need to provide wheelchair access, side steps etc.?

Regulatory Compliance

The rules for driving minibuses are confusing and often misunderstood. Marshall Minibus can help with our comprehensive service offering.

Driving licence requirements – Different sized buses have different licencing requirements which can mean the difference between needing a D1 category or not. Please see our Compliance and FAQ’s page for more detail or why not call us on 01480 597082 and ask one of our experts to guide you through the requirements.

Regular maintenance – Whilst this is definitely a consideration, we take on the burden for you by providing on-site servicing, optional regular safety checks, collection for MOT test.

Record keeping – Inspection reports issued and also kept by Marshall Minibus including maintenance records and defect reports.

These main considerations are just the beginning. You can find more information on our Compliance page or why not give our knowledgeable staff a call on 01480 220444 to discuss your specific needs to help you find a minibus that fits the bill.

Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form and we will reply as soon as we can.

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