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Cookie Policy

Marshall Minibus Limited Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy sets out the cookies used on our website and why they are implemented. Throughout this notice, “we”, “us” and ”ours” means Marshall Minibus Leasing and “you”, “your” and “user” means the individual to whom the information relates.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. They are widely used in order to make websites work, or work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to the owners of the site. The table below explains the cookies we use and why.

Why do we use cookies?

Our cookies work to make your browsing experience on our site as smooth as possible. Our cookies will recognise when you log in and any preferred settings you choose. Without these cookies, it would be difficult for the website to remember the user’s preferences or details for future visits.

Our cookies also give you a unique browsing experience - to serve you content that is relevant to you, which we believe will improve your experience on our site. Our cookies will also analyse how you use our site, which helps us to troubleshoot any issues and helps us to monitor our own performance.

We use cookies to collect information about visitors’ use of the website. For example:

  • Number of people who visit the website (Google Analytics)
  • Date, time and duration of visits (Google Analytics)
  • Number of pages viewed (Google Analytics)
  • Amount of time spent on the website (Google Analytics)
  • Popular sections on the website (Google Analytics)
  • Connection speed
  • Operating system details
  • Device information
  • IP addresses

What cookies do we use?

It’s important to note that there are different types of cookies. Some cookies will come directly from our site and others will come from third parties which place cookies on our site. 

  Cookie type     Cookie function

  Essential cookies

These cookies are essential in order for you to move around the site and use its basic functionality. These cookies help you to browse products, order and pay for items, and check your account information. These cookies let you use services that you have specifically asked for.

  Performance cookies 

These cookies allow us to understand how you use our site. For example, which pages you’re likely to visit, visitor numbers, and help us understand how effective our advertising is. We use these cookies to collect anonymous information, which helps us improve our own performance.

  Functionality cookies

These cookies allow the site to remember the choices you make and retain some information. These cookies are not essential, but they do help improve your browsing experience. The information these cookies collect is anonymous and they can’t track your browsing history.

  Targeting cookies These cookies are used to track visitors’ interest in specific products. They are also used to limit the number of times you see an advert, as well as measuring how effective the adverts are. These cookies are used to create banner adverts that you may see on other sites that you visit. These cookies use information about your browsing habits to deliver advertising relevant to you and your interests.












  Name of cookie   Purpose of cookie   Cookie classification
  “unam” cookie                    This cookie is set as part of the ShareThis service and monitors “click-stream” activity, e.g web pages viewed and navigation, and time spent on pages.   Performance
  “ga” cookie This cookie is a Google Analytics persistent cookie which is used to monitor activities and distinguish unique users.   Performance
  “gid” cookie         This is a Google Analytics cookie which is used to distinguish users.   Performance
  “gat” session cookie

This cookie is used to throttle request rate.

Throttling is the process of limiting the number of requests that a user can submit in a given amount of time. This cookie protects the website from being overwhelmed with requests and will expire after 10 minutes. These are third party cookies that are placed on your device to allow us to use the Google Analytics service. These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use our website. We use this information to compile reports and to help us improve the website. 

  “uset” and “stid” cookies These cookies are set as part of the ShareThis service and monitor “click-stream” activity, e.g web pages viewed, navigation from page to page, time spent on each page etc. The ShareThis service only personally identifies you if you have a separately signed up with ShareThis for a ShareThis account and have given them your consent.  Performance
  “JSESSIONID” cookie JSESSIONID is the unique ID of the http session generated by the server and is a cookie placed on your device by us. It lasts until the end of the session on the site. This cookie preserves users’ preferences across page requests.  Functionality
  “cookieStatus_sitename” CookieStatus is set if you accept the cookie policy on the website. It removes the policy overlay. This is a cookie placed on your device by us. This cookie lasts for a maximum of 10 days.  Functionality

Used to provide personalised and relevant advertising campaigns to you when you search online.

Facebook uses cookies to help them show ads and to make recommendations for businesses to people who might be interested in the products or services they are promoting.

For example, cookies allow Facebook to deliver ads to people who have previously visited a business’s website, purchased its products or services, or used its apps to recommend products and services based on that activity. Cookies are also used to limit the number of times you are shown an ad to prevent you from seeing it too many times.

Facebook also uses cookies

●        to help measure the performance of ad campaigns that businesses use to advertise. Facebook uses cookies to count the number of times an ad is shown and to calculate the cost of those ads.

●     to help serve and measure ads across different browsers and devices used by the same person. Facebook use this cookie to prevent you from seeing the same ad over again on different browsers and devices.

●        to allow them to provide insights about the people who use Facebook products, and the people who interact with the ads, websites and apps of the businesses using Facebook’s advertising services. The cookies are used to help businesses understand the kinds of people who like their Facebook Page or use their apps. This is so that they can provide more relevant content and develop features that are likely to interest their customers.

Learn more about how Facebook decides which ads to show you on and off the Facebook Products, and the controls available to users. 

Used to provide personalised and relevant advertising campaigns to you when you search online. Including Google Tag Manager, Google Adwords, and Google Analytics.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system, or TMS, which allows you to quickly update tags on your website or mobile app without changing the code on your page. When Tag Manager is set up, your website or app will be able to communicate with the Tag Manager services, and you’ll be able to set up tags and establish triggers that cause your tag to fire when certain events occur. A collection of tags and triggers installed on a website is known as a container, and a container can replace all other manually-coded tags on a site or app, including tags from Google Adwords and Google Analytics. If Google Analytics is deployed via Google Tag Manager, this cookie will be named “_dc_gtm_<property-id>.


Google Adwords

Google uses data to make their services more useful and to show relevant advertising. Many websites partner with Google to show ads to visitors. Google stores cookies when using Google Adwords for several purposes: to stop you seeing ads over and over again; to detect and prevent click fraud; and to show ads that are relevant to you (for example, ads based on websites you have previously visited). These cookies may be set from different domains:,,, or, or the domain of the advertising partners’ sites.

You may see ads for products you have previously viewed. For example, if you have searched for minibus leasing, but you don’t make a purchase on your first visit, the website owner might want you to encourage you to return and make your purchase. Google’s services that let websites target their ads to people who have visited their pages. To work, Google either reads a cookie that’s already in your browser or places a cookie in your browser when you visit the minibus leasing site (if you have set your browser's preferences to let this happen). If you visit another site that partners with Google, which may have nothing to do with minibus leading, you might still see a minibus leasing ad. This is because your browser is sending Google the same cookie.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google’s analytical tool that helps websites to understand how their visitors engage with their site and its content. It uses a set of cookies to collect this information and report website usage statistics, without personally identifying any individual visitors. The main cookie used by Google Analytics is the “ga” cookie. Google Analytics can also be used to help show more relevant ads on Google and across the web to measure interactions with the ads they show. For more information on Google Analytics cookies, click here






















































Facebook advertising

Marshall use Facebook to offer advertising to you to show products or services which we believe are relevant or may be of interest to you. To do this, we create a custom audience using attributes provided by Facebook. In order to create this custom audience, we will share your email address and/or telephone number with Facebook or other providers, who will cross-check that information with the data they hold from you. Facebook will only process your personal data in accordance with your instructions, as specified in the following agreement.


In this case, the personal data we access is provided by Facebook, who is the data controller for their database. Facebook matches users with data to create custom audience for advertising campaigns. You can opt-out of Facebook’s targeted advertising by changing your Facebook ad settings.


Google advertising

Marshall use Google to offer advertising to you about products or services which we believe are relevant to you. Google cannot match any conversion data to specific customers, and can only see overall data for ads and keywords. 


-       Google Adwords

Google Adwords allows us to connect and corroborate any telephone call made to us with any visit you make to our website. When you visit our website, Google Adwords will collect your IP address and a unique phone number will be generated on the site through which you can contact us. We will then be able to link your browsing activity related to our website to your telephone call, enabling us to provide you with more a more personalised customer service. 


-       Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows us to track user interaction on the our website. Google Analytics generates anonymous statistical information about a website’s use via the cookies stored on a users’ computer or device. Google Analytics allows us to gather data such a geographical location, device (such as desktop, phone, tablet), internet browser and the operating system. This information does not personally identify any individual user to us. 


-       Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager allows us to easily add snippets of code, called tags, to our website. These tags can add Google Analytics and Adwords conversion tracking. Google Tag Manager (GTM) allows us to simplify the process of adding these code snippets the Marshall website. Instead of updating the code on the Marshall site, we will use the GTM interface to decide track goals, conversions, and decide which tag should be triggered on a certain page or certain action. GTM consists of the following parts:


●     Tags - These are snippets of code (usually Javascript) that are added to the page.

●     Triggers - These define when are where the tags should operate.


By adding tags to the Marshall site by using Google Tag Manager in conjunction with Analytics and Adword, we are able to gather more data than we could otherwise. This will help us to monitor and analyse how visitors use our site, and help us to provide ads that are personalised and relevant to you. 

Can you opt-out of cookies?

By default, only cookies necessary for the core functionality of this website are enabled.

We won’t set optional cookies unless you enable them, which is actioned by switching the ‘Analytics Cookies’ slider to the ‘On’ position on the cookie consent pop-up tool. Preferences can be updated at any time by accessing the cookie consent pop-up tool.

Most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including how to see which cookies have been set, visit or

Please find below some links related to managing cookies on popular browsers:

·         Google Chrome

·         Microsoft Edge

·         Mozilla Firefox

·         Microsoft Internet Explorer

·         Opera

·         Apple Safari

To find information relating to other browsers, please visit the browser developer's website.

To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites, visit

Changes to this Cookie Policy

We reserve the right to change this Cookie Policy at our sole discretion. Any changes made will be posted to this Cookie Policy pages and we will update the “Last Updated” date at the bottom of this policy.

Last updated: 19 June 2019


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