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Almost 18,000 tickets issued for dangerous driving on motorways since 2016

A study of 28 police forces in England and Wales by Auto Express has found that more than 17,775 tickets have been issued for dangerous driving in the past five and a half years. 

Among the worst of the offences are making U-turns on motorways and driving the wrong way on slip roads. 

Statistics for the period 2016 to mid-2021 included:

  • 6,821 tickets for motorists making an unnecessary stop on the hard shoulder.
  • 2,645 cases of motorists driving on the hard shoulder.
  • 873 motorists caught driving or stopping on central reservations. 
  • 165 people caught driving the wrong way in a motorway lane.
  • 204 motorists driving the wrong way on a slip road.
  • 82 motorists caught making a U-turn on the motorway. 
  • 469 pedestrians caught walking along motorways. 

Consumer editor at Auto Express Hugo Griffiths commented, “Much of the recent focus on motorways has been around smart motorways, but we rarely discuss the key factor that determines how safe our roads are: driver behaviour.

“Almost every collision is caused by human error, and while this can never be eliminated, it is difficult to fathom the thought processes that cause people to make a U-turn on a motorway.

“Little will change until we can move away from heated debate around motorways, and realise it is only be improving driver behaviour, however that occurs, that safety will be improved.

“We can blame inanimate stretches of asphalt and concrete for collisions as much as we like, but the uncomfortable truth is that the real fault lies with our own behaviour.”

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